CARA - About Us

The Founder and Creator of the Iruka Tumbler

The founder and creator of the Iruka tumbler, well designed in Singapore. The Iruka tumblers are made to satisfy all of your drinking needs, ranging from water to coffee and even ice cold beer. The CARA Company is extremely proud to be creating such high quality tumblers made to last as well as them being made to look the most stylish tumblers you can ever own. 

Singapore's Metal Straws and Boba (Bubble Tea) Tumblers

CARA (The CARA Company) is the most reliable brand of metal straws founded in Singapore. It is also the first ever Boba / Bubble Tea Tumbler brand in Singapore, with our very own CARA Boba Tumbler. From the highest quality to the sleekest designs, CARA metal straws and CARA Boba Tumblers prove to be the best at it. 

CARA, the first to come up with the essential (daily) metal straw set that includes the necessary metal straws which will fulfill all of the straws needs.

CARA Metal straw sets come with boba / bubble tea straw, smoothie straw, bent drinking straw and regular drinking straw which are all specially designed with the most accurate oblique incisions. 

CARA Boba (Bubble Tea) Tumblers

The first ever Boba (Bubble Tea) Tumbler brand in Asia.